Liposuction also called ‘lipo’ by patients is a process to remove excess fat and reshape specific areas with extra fat deposits. This procedure helps contour and improve proportions of the body . The commonest areas it is used for include Abdomen and waist, back, buttocks, arms, neck, and thighs. This can also be used for the chin and cheeks. It can be combined with other procedures such as a tummy tuck, breast lift /reduction or a facelift to create a complete makeover

Liposuction can be used for sculpting and contouring of the abdomen and can be used to create the impression of abs!

Who is a good candidate for surgery?

Adults who are not obese (ie within 30% of their ideal weight) with firm elastic skin tone and good muscle tone. Generally healthy and regular at exercise. Nonsmokers with specific goals in mind for extra fat deposits in specific areas

Liposuction is not used for weight loss and generalized fat

How to prepare for a surgery.

Dr Aditya shall discuss your past medical history in detail to determine your candidacy for the procedure. Your expectations and the procedure itself will be discussed and explained in detail. He will also discuss the amount of fat that will be removed.

Doctor shall discuss the following:

  • Liposuction surgery options ,the location of the ports where the suction cannulas will be placed
  • Course of treatment.
  • Likely outcomes and the potential risks involved.
  • Take pictures of the areas to be operated for assessing post op results.

Before Surgery:

  • Evaluation of general health status.
  • Medical examination including tests.
  • Physical examination:
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen that may interfere with the healing process.
  • Stop smoking and alcohol at least 4 weeks before the surgery.

After Surgery:

  • Arrange for help to be driven home from the hospital.
  • Plan to stay home and limit activities for a few days after surgery.

How is Surgery done?


  • The procedure is may be done under local anesthesia and IV sedation or under General Anesthesia, Dr Aditya will discuss this in detail with you

Steps of the Procedure:

Liposuction is performed through small incisions/cuts made in areas that are usually hidden under clothes or are not visible such as though the belly button. A Diluted Local Anesthetic is infused locally into the area to be operated .this helps decrease bleeding, swelling and pain .Then a thin hollow canula is put through the cut and with controlled movements Dr Aditya will dislodge the fat cells and they will be sucked out by a suction machine.

Immediately after the surgery compression garment or elastic bandage is given to cover the treated areas. There may be some discharge –much of this is due to the fluid that was injected before the procedure. Your improved contours will be visible over the next few days and will improve further over the weeks when the swelling and fluid retention decrease.

Time to Operate:

  • This depends on the surgeon, the targeted areas and the individual candidate. Dr Aditya will share this information with you specific to your surgery

Possible Complications and Risks:

 There may be anesthesia risks

There may also be some temporary bruising or change in sensation


Dr. Aditya Aggarwal is a renowned Senior Aesthetic Surgeon who has trained at premier national and international institutions. He is the President of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (2023-24).