Create the contours that you want, the eyes, the nose, the neck or the face itself



Do a complete body makeover with a body lift, mommy/ daddy makeover


An aesthetic look and feel with implants, lifts, reductions and gynaecomastia surgery


Aesthetic Genital Plastic Surgery

Genital plastic surgery  procedures that enhance appearance and reduce discomfort


Choose a treatment

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Face Lift

An aesthetic lift to facial sagging

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Breast Reduction

Reduce discomfort of a large breast

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Smoothen and brighten the skin

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Nose Job

Correcting the nose size,shape and texture

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Eye Job

Correcting the eyelid droopiness, bulges and laxity

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Mommy Makeover

Correcting the breasts,abdomen and more

I can’t thank you enough for the work you did for me, the scar has healed tremendously since last year. Thank you, Doctor.
Ankita Verma
Ankita Verma Assam
Dr. Sir a very happy doctor's day to you. You have changed my life for good and I shall ever be so grateful you are the best, the kindest, and the most skilled. Thank you, Doctor.
Tarun Mittal
Tarun Mittal Jammu
Hope that your magic continues and changes people's lives for good. I am blessed to have found you. Sir, you are the best! Hope you have the best of health and happiness today and always.
Akansha Arora
Akansha Arora Bangalore

Dr. Aditya Aggarwal

Pesident of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons -2023-24
Trained at Premier national and international centers
Special expertise in total makeovers
10,000+ successful surgeries
25 + years of experience
Expert at Rhinoplasty(nose job)



    Facts you need to know ahead

    All surgical procedures must be carefully considered by you and discussed with your doctor



    There may be some swelling, bruising and pain for a few days -easily controlled with appropriate medicines, please discuss with your doctor about what to expect in each surgery.


    Surgery preparation

    Many procedures are walk in and some need special preparation -discuss with your doctor about these, avoid smoking, recreational drugs and alcohol.


    Privacy policy

    Patient doctor conversation is confidential.


    Age limit

    18 years and above, the only absolute contraindication is elderly patients with multiple comorbidities.

    Nose Job

    Endermologie body contouring

    Body Counturing

    Inverted nipple correction

    Facial Surgery

    Cheek / buccal fat removal

    Breast reduction

    Facial broken veins laser treatment

    News and Blogs

    Dr. Aditya Aggarwal is a renowned Senior Aesthetic Surgeon who has trained at premier national and international institutions. He is the President of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (2023-24).